Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance Explained

Coverage Overview

Riding motorcycles can create a sense of oneness with the highway along with unbridled freedom. However, the benefits are often outset by the fact that there are great risks of having accidents. This is precisely why good motorcycle insurance coverage can be so necessary. This kind of insurance is also mandated by states to ensure that riders can meet their financial obligations if injury or damage occurs while using a motorcycle. This coverage is what protects motorcyclists should they be involved in an accident or experience theft and other forms of loss or damage. That which is covered includes normal motorcycles, mopeds, sport bikes and cruisers, motocross types, and so on. This coverage is for all who own motorcycles or similar two and (even three) wheeled vehicles.

Types of Coverage

Motorcycle insurance functions not too differently from car insurance. For instance, if one were to crash a bike into another driver or be the cause of damages to another’s property, this is what this coverage helps to compensate the policyholder, up to the limits outlined in the policy. Here are some of the different kinds of coverage:

• Liability
• Comprehensive/Collision
• Coverage for Medical Payments
• Coverage for Total Loss
• Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage
• Coverage for Optional Equipment
Purchasing the proper policy with the correct levels and kinds of coverage can ensure the rider is protected under a myriad of circumstances.


There are big benefits in obtaining motorcycle insurance. In addition to compliance with the law, riders will have other benefits like medical help in the aftermath of an accident in which injury is sustained. This helps riders in retaining financial health as they go through recovery and rebuild. Keep in mind that there is coverage available for theft, vandalism and for other issues not related to crashes, such as help with safety and custom add-ons.